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2-Hour Adrenaline Tour

Jet Ski Plus tax and gas
Additional Rider

The two-hour jet ski tour ramps up your driving skills on the water in no time!

Action-packed Jet Ski Tour in Myrtle Beach, SC

Ready to take your riding abilities to the next level while enjoying a thrilling two-hour Myrtle Beach jet ski tour? Then our Adrenaline Tour is right for you! Go full-throttle on this adventure as we run full speed over the glassy backwaters of South Carolina and improve and perfect your riding technique.

This jet ski tour is designed for those with experience as you keep up with your knowledgeable backwater guide. Navigate narrow trails, tight turns, and explore more at faster speeds on this one-of-a-kind adventure in Myrtle Beach!

More info

  • 12 and under ride free!
  • Drivers must be 16 years old with valid ID to drive alone, any age can ride or drive as long as there is an adult (18) onboard.
  • Designed for the experienced watercraft rider wanting to take their ability to the next level.
  • The Adrenaline Series changes how you ride and how you view the sport of jet skiing forever.